Fr. Michael Shieldscap in 1992 American priest Fr. Michael Shields left the cold clime of Alaska for the equally freezing temperatures of the town of Magadan in the Kolyma region of Siberia.

In prayer, Fr. Michael, a diocesan priest, felt he was being called “Go, live in the camps” – the former Gulags where ‘enemies of the state’ were sent under communism. He was determined that this suffering would never be forgotten and that yesterday’s culture of death along with today’s culture of abortion would give way to an authentic culture of life.

Fr Michael lives under private vows from his bishop in order to live out the spirituality of Blessed Charles De Foucauld.  The small brotherhood is called Brothers of the Heart of Jesus which is under the bishop of Irkytsk.



Fr. Michael Shields Interview on Holy Orders

Fr Michael Shield's being interviewed by Niall Kennedy on the subject of Holy Orders.