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A chara,

The world was in deep crisis 100 years ago when Our Lady appeared to three young children in Fatima. The First World War was waging and Russia’s long experiment with ruthless atheism was about to commence.

The world was in deep crisis 70 years when Aid to the Church in Need was founded in response to the suffering and devastation caused by Hitler’s anti-Christian totalitarianism and by Stalinist Russia’s aggressive agenda of imposing its anti-Christian communism on Europe and the World.

The world is in deep crisis today. Indeed, Pope Francis frequently refers to the Third World War which is currently being waged throughout the greater Middle East - and which threatens to escalate to a degree unknown in the history of mankind.

Today militant religious fundamentalism and aggressive secularism relentlessly attack Christian witness to Charity and Truth, to Hope and Joy, to Faith in the God-given and inviolable dignity of every human being.

Faced with the challenges of today and in the long shadows of human history I don’t believe that we will survive the present moment without recognising the Redeemer, the God-man who came down from Heaven to teach us what is means to be fully human.

Each of us has a soul and this soul needs to be fed. Grace is the food of the soul and this gift of God comes from prayer.

  • If we believe we are witnessing a growing lack of humanity in our world.
  • If we believe that more and more people are forgetting / not learning what it means to be human and
  • if we believe that all the wars, criminality and injustices we see in the world results from the world’s failure to fully embrace its humanity as revealed by Jesus Christ

then what does that say about our prayer life, the prayer life of our family, the prayer life of our parish and the prayer life of our Church?

Could it possibly be the case that the exorbitant scale of the crises we face in the world today, at least in part, attributable to deficiencies in all of our prayer lives?

Basically we have not been feeding sufficiently upon God’s Grace and sharing it within and beyond our families.

When Our Lady appeared in Fatima, she spoke of a world in terrible need, in need of ‘a great deal’ of Prayer and God’s Grace. In these difficult times Our Lady offers to be our refuge.

‘My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.’

Join us either in person or spiritually on our pilgrimage to Fatima this September and embrace the Blessed Mother as our refuge, as the refuge for our families and for all those many million of families around the world which are suffering and being persecuted by the Prince of Lies, his injustices and his hatred of humanity.

The World is in crisis and is in ever greater need of your prayers.

Beir Beannacht


J F Declan Quinn Director, 
Aid to the Church in Need (Ire)