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A report on Christians oppressed for their Faith 2013-2015

and Forgotten 2013 - 2015

Persecuted and Forgotten 2015
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Executive Summary
2013 - 2015

Executive Summary 2015
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Persecuted and
Forgotten Leaflet

Persecuted and Forgotten 2015




ACN’s Persecuted and Forgotten? 2013-2015 report assesses the deepening plight of Christians in 22 countries of concern.Drawing on testimony from witnesses of persecution, the report shows why Christians are the world’s most persecuted faith group


Genocide - How Christians are being killed and driven out of the Middle East
by John Pontifex, Dublin, 7th April 2016




Principal Findings

  • The Church’s survival in parts of Africa and the Middle East are threatened by religiously motivated ethnic cleansing by extremist Islamist groups.
  • The Church is being driven out of its ancient biblical heartland thanks to a massive exodus - Christianity is on course to disappear from Iraq potentially within five years.
  • Totalitarian regimes such as those in China and North Korea have put Christians under pressure due to the perception that Christianity is linked to the West, seen as corrupt and exploitative by communist states.


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Religious Freedom
Executive Summary 2014

Religious Freedom 2014
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and Forgotten 2013

Persecuted and Forgotten 2013
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