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YouCat to be followed by DoCat and Youth Bible

A report from Germany on the global spread of the Youth catechism and their upcoming projects – a Youth Bible and the DOCAT on the church’s social teaching.




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Fr. Michael Shields Interview on Holy Orders

Fr Michael Shield's being interviewed by Niall Kennedy on the subject of Holy Orders.



Miriam's Story

Watch a 10 year old Iraqi Refugee become a Missionary of Joy.






Walk and Pray for the Persecuted

In solidarity with displaced Christians and other minorities, people are invited to walk to and from Church this weekend and remember them in prayer.

Below is an interview with Fr Robert McCabe and JF Declan Quinn.



Fr. Michael Shields - Worldwide Rosary Relay June 2014


Pakistan has nearly 180 million inhabitants, of which about 1.2 million are Catholics. The constitution states that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is officially a secular country and a number of recent laws have reiterated equality of citizens "without distinction based on race or creed". The Chairman of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Pakistan, Archbishop Joseph Coutts, however, has criticized a growing extremism and intolerance towards Christians in Pakistan. Non-Muslim minorities have always been disadvantaged, but now the situation seems to be worsening.



Magadan, a harbour town of 150,000 lies on the Sea of Okhotsk in the far east of Siberia some 2000 kilometres from the nearest city. Magadan's rough beauty however, betrays a dark history. The city was the administrative centre of Stalin's Kolyma arctic death camps -- the gulags - a vast system of work camps and prisons in Siberia through which millions were imprisoned and perished from exposure, starvation, and execution between 1932 and 1954. An estimated 2 million were killed.

Where God WeepsHost Mark Riedemann interviews Fr. Michael Shields, founder of the Brothers of the Heart of Jesus community in Magadan, Russia.