Way of the Cross - I


Sierra Leone


The Ebola virus arrived suddenly, like a death sentence. The experience in the Waterloo camp was terrible. They would not let us leave it because of the danger of infection that was all around us. “Let nobody leave, whoever does leave will no return again.”

When I learnt that two girls I had known had died, Agia and Mabinti, I went to see what was happening in Waterloo. I saw for myself the destruction – children weeping in their homes, with no one to console them, because their parents were dead and no one was allowed to enter their home because of the Ebola outbreak.

It was an invisible enemy, threatening everything and everyone around it. People did not talk to one another,did not touch one another; we couldn’t even give the sign of peace during Holy Mass… Ebola was separating us from one another. It was as though we were all condemned to death.


Jesus, how you must have felt alone and abandoned when you were sentenced to death!.
Condemned, although innocent, like so many victims of diseases and epidemics.
Ebola has passed now, thanks be to God, but there are other diseases still causing havoc.
Help those who suffer Lord, to discover a Christian meaning to their suffering,
which is sometimes a long via crucis of pain and loneliness.
Let them know, Lord Jesus, that, united to your Via Crucis in their suffering,
they can redeem the world together with you.

Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…

Fr. Maurizio Boa / Maria Lozano