Way of the Cross - X

X - Station Jesus clothes are taken away


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Jesus is stripped and denied of the clothes he is wearing. He is laid bare by those who wanted to take all his dignity even as a person. Consider the thousands of irregular immigrants trying to cross from Libya to Europe with the hope of finding a better future for them and their children. Taking the risk of not only loosing their few possessions but even their life boarding unworthy boats.

Consider those that are in detention centres and those that after making the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean sea to find themselves depending completely on the help and generosity of others many times even just hoping to find it. Can you imagine yourself and your family in their situation? How would you feel being stripped of your own self?


Lord Jesus, we present to you all those who are suffering.
All those persons that have been stripped not from their clothes
but from their dignity because of the actions or inactions of others.
We pray especially for those women and children who have and are still suffering and
risking their lives to find a better future.
We pray for those who are being kept in detention camps
for unjust reasons waiting to be liberated.

Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…

+ Mgr. George Bugeja ofm