Way of the Cross - XII

XII - Station Jesus Dies on the Cross

Central Africa Republic


"Crucify him” Luke 23:21 Death on a cross… A terrible way to die but a seemingly logical conclusion when a crowd cried out. These sufferings and this shameful death, Jesus still experiences this today, he who said:

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40.

Anyone who we inflict suffering on or anyone we kill, it is Jesus we are inflicting the suffering on and it is Jesus we are killing. Unfortunately more often than not we hear of abductions, murders and decapitations for reasons only known to the executioners. Even today Jesus dies on the cross every time shots are fired and many innocent people, children included are displaced leaving behind their belongings to seek refuge in refugee camps or to strange places away from the wars, armed militias and tribal and ethnic conflicts.

Even today Jesus dies on the cross when children and adults are accused of witchcraft and are rejected by their family and by society.


Jesus you know how to forgive, give us your loving heart so that we can love our neighbour.
Teach us to forgive and to offer forgiveness.
Mary you who have been given to us as our mother, pray for us and protect us.
That we may become sowers of peace and of reconciliation wherever we go.

Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…

Padre Edouard TSIMBA