Way of the Cross - XIII

XIII - Station The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross.



The small Christian community has suffered a lot during these last 28 years: the murder of its bishop, the martyrdom of a number of its committed sons and daughters and the destructions of its institutions and churches. It has been crucified with Jesus on the cross of religious intolerance and of civil war. This community is symbol of what happened to the Somali people during these same years: civil war, fighting, internal displacement, forced migration to neighboring countries, drought and famine; hundreds of thousands have died.

A whole people have been put on the cross. People and organizations of good will are trying to remove from cross the poor, the sick, the neglected, the few Christians: there are signs of hope. Caring hands are still needed from Somalia and indeed from the whole world. We must keep burning the flame of hope and resurrection despite the darkness surrounding us.


O Lord, your love is stronger than death: on the third day
you rose from the tomb where men have put you.
You have saved us through your death and resurrection.
Help us to believe, hope and love beyond our human limitations and weaknesses.
By your grace, Lord Jesus, may the sufferings of people in Somalia,
joined with Your sacrifice, obtain new life by providing a spirit of reconciliation,
forgiveness, respect for everybody, sharing and peace for this country.
We ask this, o Lord Jesus, Savior of all, who lives with the Father
and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.


Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…

+ Msgr. Giorgio Bertin