Way of the Cross - II




The Cross of Jesus came as a result of him having done nothing wrong, instead it was because of some greedy, power hungry people. Those who never accepted the good for others. Despite all this, Jesus still accepted the pain and suffering for the good of others.

In Zimbabwe many a people work up to the reality of the cross, as most people are suffering. Cash Crisis which results in long winding queues at Banks, food prices ever on the rise which makes the majority live below the poverty-datum-line, to roads not serviced nor repaired, lack of clean water supply and electricity hardly available.

Unlike Jesus, each one is concerned about their own cross, no time to carry the cross for others. No one wants to carry the trouble of the neighbour.


Dear Jesus, out of Love you carried the cross for us.
We commend to you all the suffering Citizens of Zimbabwe, the many economic refugees
who are living away from home, those unjustly imprisoned for a crime they know not or on trumped up charges,
the sick who are in Hospitals without proper care and the hungry who are going without food every day.
Help us to be like you, to be able to carry each other's troubles,
to stand by the suffering and to give a voice to the voiceless.


Our Father… Hail Mary… Glory be…

Fr. Felix Mukaro